About Us

Burç İnternational Fabric and Tekstile, which is the growing and dynamic company of Textile sector, has been offering products that enrich customers’ imagination by taking into account their needs and expectations with quality and reliability principles, since its establishment in 2003.

Burç İnternational Fabric and Tekstile, adopting quality as a way of life, protecting truth and trust as its most important values, has not only customers from our country, but also has diverse customers from 40 countries in world's different continents.

The main strategy of the company is to always be a representative of innovation and liveliness in abroad as in our country.

Publicity of Company

Burç İnternational Fabric and Tekstile is among the first companies which begin to use barcode application in textile sector.

According to customers' request, the company prepares ready products and special products with desired design, pattern or color types in line with their dreams, and delivers these products under Burç Company guarantee in the shortest deadlines by confidentiality principle.

Burç Company take as principle to deliver the orders in time and at desired quality in accordance with the customer satisfaction.

Burç Fabric and Textile Company which is the pioneer of innovations, facilitates that its customers can reach the products in their dreams by increasing the diversity of patterns and colours with its Fabric Market application.

The company continuously attends the international expositions and organizations such as Paris Premiere Vision, London Fashion Week, Intertextile Shangai, Apparel Fabrics and by this way it follows the international fashion trends closely and aims to always keep its collections vivid and new.

Quality Policy

Burç İnternational Fabric and Tekstile aims to be a company which sets a model in its sector with a manner based on continuous improvement, innovation, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management approach, conformity to technological developments and meeting all product and service expectations of customers beyond the industry standards in line with the capabilities and capacity of the company.

To be among the most successful companies on the international level, which creates value for human and economy, respects the environment and competitors, and has an entrepreneurial and leading spirit.


To be the company which is eagerly followed by both the customers and other members of evening dress fabric sector with constantly updated hundreds of different and original designs, patterns and colors in its collection.

To be the pioneer of fashion in the international arena by getting strength from customers’ trust and satisfaction, to make its name with constantly expanding and diversifying customer portfolio in the prominent countries of textile sector as well as our country.


To make a difference in the sector with the corporate structure creating value by meeting the expectations of its customers with consistent quality approach, customer-oriented working strategy and competitive growth potential.

To be a brand that combines modern, original, stylish and different patterns with untried color tones and provides quality service to customers.